Himalayiya University
(Established by the Government of Uttarakhand vide Act No. 8 of 2019)

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The Himalayiya University brings the best of technology and faculty to ensure the bright future of its students. The programmes are specifically designed to assure that students are skilled to be confident professionals in the fields they select. The robust mentor-mentee approach helps students get professional guidance in their areas.

About Our University

A society of leading educationists and professionals proposed the establishment of the Himalayiya university. The proposal’s sole purpose was to develop education methods to mould students into confident, technical, and ethical professionals. To achieve these goals, the university’s programmes are designed to help students gain the practical skills expected in businesses and industries.

Educational Conviction

Integration of technology in the curriculum is a must as learning defines a future.

Bachelor’s and Master’s

New-age professional programmes designed considering requirements of industry and future of work.

Excellent placements

Himalayiya University delivers confident, technical, and ethical professionals to 100+ recruiters.

iSmart University Model

Entwining digital university framework with smart campus framework.

Self Development

Why Choose Himalayiya?

Staying at gurukuls in Himalayan regions to gain knowledge has been a tradition in India since the Vedic period. Peace with the freshness of nature is essential to bring out the best in you. At the same time, being in sync with new technologies of the ever-changing modern world is of utmost importance for your development. We at Himalayiya University understand these special needs and have customised our programmes to offer you the best of both worlds.

Self Development

The University helps students build confidence during the duration of their courses due to excellent teachers and mentors, cutting-edge technology, and practical exposure to the industries.

Students of Himalayiya University observe a positive change in their personalities. The productive and serene environment of the University inspires students to be passionate about the chosen subjects and provides a holistic career for the students.


The students of Himalayiya University always feel connected with the University even after they leave the campus and fly high in the professional world. Special events are planned throughout the year to make this bond stronger. Experience of professional work shared by alumni is used by the University to modify the programmes and make them more efficient for the next batch of students.

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