Himalayiya University
(Established by the Government of Uttarakhand vide Act No. 8 of 2019)

Advance Technology Integration with LMS

At Himalayiya University students learn the skill of perceiving and understanding the world. Learning at HU involves creating conceptual principles, accepting results, recalling realistic information, acquiring methods and systems, analysis, debating ideas, or developing behaviour appropriate to specific situations. Educational success for all the HU students is ensured by providing quality teaching by experienced and knowledgeable teachers who are equipped with an effective, evidence-based teaching approach, that upholds the high teaching standards through strategic professional development at all levels.

Inclusive Teaching Learning

HU adopts Inclusive learning strategies involving several innovative teaching approaches that deal with the needs of students from diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities. An inclusive learning environment is provided to HU students in which they are able to engage themselves actively, feeling safe and welcome.

Learning & Assessment Practices through LMS

  • Quiz
  • Live Projects
  • Assignments
  • Tutorials
  • Case Studies
  • Surprise Tests
  • Soft Skill Inputs
  • Model Making
  • Group Discussions
  • Seminars
  • Activity Simulation
  • Internships
  • Industry Expert interactions
  • Industrial Tours