Himalayiya University
(Established by the Government of Uttarakhand vide Act No. 8 of 2019)


What should I do after completing all formalities related to admission?

You should note down the date of 1st class and report on the expected date.

When will I receive my University ID card?

After the completion of registration procedures, IT Department will issue your University ID within 10 days. You can collect it from the University Office.

What should I do in case of a damaged or stolen ID card?

You need to report the case to the University office. They will make note of it and direct you to the Accounts Department where you have to pay INR 500 and finally submit the receipt of payment to the IT Department. Your new ID card will be issued within 4 days of payment for ID card.

How to get a mistake in my ID card corrected?

You should write an application to the IT Department mentioning the required correction(s) in the card. A New ID card will be issued within 5 days of application.

How should I check my academic details, account details, and my result?

All the details are available on the website, https://himalayiyauniversity.in.

Are books provided to students from the university?

There are up-to-date Libraries in various locations on the Himalayiya University campus. All the libraries are open for 20 hours during examination time. The cards are issued for easy access to students.

To whom should I report my problems regarding Hostel?

Contact your Hostel Warden/Assistant if you have any problems regarding the hostel. You can do so by meeting them in their office or via a phone number provided during enrollment to the hostel.

How are hostel rooms allotted?

Allocation of hostel rooms occurs on the availability of the room and on first-cum-first basis.

How much is the Hostel Security Deposit?

Hostel Security Deposit is a refundable amount paid by all hostel students. The amount is returned when the student vacates the room in proper condition. Hostel Security Deposit is INR 5,000 for Non AC accommodation and INR 10,000 for AC accommodation.

Am I allowed to install an air cooler in my non-AC room?

Yes. You can install an air cooler in your non-AC room. However, you need to follow the specifications established by the Inter-Hostel Administration (IHA) and pay the Electricity charges determined by IHA.

Am I allowed to bring a refrigerator to my room?

Yes. You can bring a refrigerator, however, per term/semester for electricity payment must be done to IHA.

How can use the laundry service?

The Himalayiya Univesity has installed a particular laundry room with washing machines and dryers to allow students to provide students with an easy and affordable laundry service. The staff present in the room will assist you with the rate card.

Where should I deposit the fee when I come to the University?

The fee must be deposited in the Accounts Department.
You can also pay via Net banking using the details provided at the website, https://himalayiyauniversity.in/how-to-apply/.

Will I get a refund of my fee if I wish to leave the University?

Yes. You can apply for a refund of your fee based on the University refund policy. For details, visit https://himalayiyauniversity.in/refund-policy/.