Himalayiya University
(Established by the Government of Uttarakhand vide Act No. 8 of 2019)

i-Smart Learning Campus

Improving new technologies has made acquiring knowledge more effective, more flexible, and convenient for students. The aim of a smart classroom is to develop the educational system in order to forward knowledge and skills necessary in the 21st century as well as keeping up with the challenges and needs of modern society. Learning is the process of acquiring and comprehending knowledge. The 21st century demands skills and professional knowledge in order for people to efficiently spend work and spare time and to be prepared for this is the task of education.

i-Smart Learning Campus Facilities

  • ICT enabled Class Smart Class Room
  • Audio Visual Studio Class Room
  • STEM Labs
  • Modern Labs with High-End equipped Technical Resources
  • CSCL -Cooperative Support Computer Learning


  • Ability to acquire
  • Broaden and modify knowledge
  • Provides the students with devices, knowledge and skills for solving tasks
  • Utilizes student information
  • Recognizes specific conditions in which the students need help
  • Develops the students’ self-evaluating skills
  • Suggests further tasks for improve efficiency
  • Use of new innovative technologies
  • Ability to motivate and maintain the students’ interest
  • Adapts to changes
  • Adaptive learning that enables students’ special needs, recognizes student’s competence, interest and learning techniques
  • Provides students with individualized tasks and feedback