Himalayiya University
(Established by the Government of Uttarakhand vide Act No. 8 of 2019)

Student Support Services

Education is the fundamental right of every individual, and deserving candidates should not face an obstacle in their education due to financial problems. Considering this, Himalayiya University is extending scholarships to candidates with economic challenges. We wish to groom young scholars to become future-ready professionals and transformational entrepreneurs. They would be our contribution to nation-building and making Uttarakhand a hub of new age education.

Scholarships Sources

Himalayiya Merit Scholarship

Himalayiya University is proud to announce a special scholarship for school students in the state of Uttarakhand. We propose identifying young scholars with the right insight and zeal to excel and provide them with scholarships to ease the financial burden of their learning journey.

Himalayan Scholarships

This is a scholarship designed to provide special aid to students from 9 states close to the Himalaya ranges. The criteria used to determine the candidates receiving assistance depend on academic performance and remarkable sports achievements.

COVID-19 Relief Scholarships

This pandemic of unprecedented magnitude has spared no one. We at Himalayiya University would like to expressing our sincere gratitude and respect for all Corona Warriors.

Special Grant

This is a unique scholarship offered by Himalayiya University so that deserving candidates do not miss a chance to receive a good education due to the financial crunch. It is extended to all eligible students across the nation in the hope of the betterment of their future.

Educational Loans and Assistance

Scholarships are not the only way Himalayiya University looks after its student’s who need financial assistance. We help students to get quick loans from the banks and help them with the required assistance.