Himalayiya University
(Established by the Government of Uttarakhand vide Act No. 8 of 2019)

Vision and Mission

To provide skilled, honest, and innovative entrepreneurs to strengthen nation-building by becoming one of India’s finest Universities.

Himalayiya University is focused on

  • Enriching the academic experience with technology-based teaching.
  • Developing leadership, problem-solving ability, and social skills.
  • Strengthening mentor-mentee relationships to help students develop excellent personalities.
  • Conducting career enhancement activities such as internships, volunteering, etc., to boost student’s confidence.
  • Promoting students to be lifelong in pursuit of knowledge and developing their skillsets.

Core Values

  • Reliability: Upholding the highest ethical standards to inculcate integrity and reliability in students.
  • Perfection: Learning the skills essential in the professional world and fine-tune them to perfection.
  • Clarity: Promoting transparency in all the activities to provide a deeper understanding of the working of departments.
  • Honour: Being honest and professional with students and stakeholders.
  • Diversity: Celebrating diversity and embracing the changes for a better future.